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Patient Management & Herbal Formula Writing Software.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Software

For Practitioners, Patients, and Compounding Pharmacies. The Most Feature-packed Software for TCM Professionals and Students


• Practitioner Collaboration
• Prescription Management
• Refill Management
• Desktop + Mobile Access

Students of TCM

• Prescription Builder
• Find Formulas by Disease Pattern
• Write and Save Formulas
• Herb Conversion Calculator


• Prescription Builder
• Find Formulas by Disease Pattern
• Herb Conversion Calculator
• Manage Patients & Orders

Dropship Custom Herbal Formulas Directly to Patients'

Turn hours into minutes with our first-of-its-kind formula generator designed to help you write formulas in under 5 minutes!

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Stuart O'Neil

Director of Pharmacy, Luryc

“Thanks to My Herbal Pharmacy I finally found an easy way to manage my patients. The software is easy to follow and streamlined my business.”

Elly Brett

Pharmacy Operations, Be-well

“MHP took me to the next level of my TCM business. The support is really top-notch, which is amazing considering the low cost of the software!”

Jenna Ballard

TCM Specialist, TCM.co

“Highly recommend! They have such a robust formula creator that saves me so much time writing prescriptions. I create the formula and send it right to the pharmacy who delivers it right to my clients. ”